With more than 20 years of development expertise, PSB Realty Advisors has extensive knowledge in all facets of the development process which permits the organization to carry out any task required by its clients. PSB is well-versed in the following categories within the development process:

  • Project Concept
  • Market Feasibility
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Design Development
  • Financing
  • Organizational Structuring
  • Construction
  • Leasing
  • Pre-Opening
  • Management
  • Investor Demand Analysis
  • Product Structuring
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Segmentation Analysis
  • Market Size and Potential Assessment
  • Marketing Techniques and Tactics
  • Product Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Site Location Analysis
  • Development Planning and Management
  • Tax Impact Analysis
  • Development Monitoring
  • Job Costing System
  • Land Use
  • Property Management
  • Leasing Negotiation





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