Investment Approach

Our real estate operations' approach to investing is guided by some core investment principles, including national scope, focus on transactions ranging from $2,000,000 -$50,000,000, significant number of exclusive opportunities, superior financing expertise and operations oversight. In addition, our real estate investment approach includes:

We try to identify well-located institutional quality properties that suffer from temporary or correctable flaws in their tenancy, physical attributes, capital structures, market position and/or management. By exploiting the pricing and operating inefficiencies inherent in assets of this nature and employing intensive asset management to correct the identified flaws, we can reposition such assets for subsequent sale to investors at attractive pricing.

We believe that our ability to source, evaluate and execute complex transactions within a short time frame is one of our competitive advantages. We focus on finding creative solutions to complex situations involving under-performing and/or improperly capitalized assets in an effort to both make investments at attractive valuations and to create incremental value in the investment.










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