Considering...renewing? expanding? consolidating? downsizing?

PSB Realty Advisors provides the most comprehensive commercial real estate services and support in Central Ohio 


An experienced and reliable tenant representative can make a huge difference in the successful outcome of your search for office space. A Tenant renting office space does so only a few times in his corporate life.  Landlords rent space over and over again. Level the playing field by taking advantage of the availability of a good tenant representative.  You will find that there is usually no cost to you.  In the long run, we will save our client’s money, while placing them in more functional space and giving them more flexibility through negotiating better lease terms.

You’re not alone. PSB Realty Advisors are Tenant Advocates that identify and align real estate requirements with strategic business, financial and operational objectives. Services for renewals, relocations, consolidations, acquisitions and dispositions include:

Situational and Business Plan Analysis
Space Planning/Programming
Market Research – Vacancy and Rate Analysis
Evaluate Occupancy Options
Develop Strategy for Renewal/Relocation/Right Sizing 
Identify Municipal Incentives
Compare Properties, Infrastructure and Financial Incentives
Transaction Negotiation
Build-out and Post-occupancy Services
Disposition Services

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Using this unique “Managed Brokerage System”, allows the team to contribute and access the firm’s valuable market research, databases and provide high level well informed consulting services. This approach has contributed to Scott Pickett’s and Bill Shelby’s prominence in the real estate industry and the successful implementation of many of central Ohio’s most notable transactions on behalf of major clients.

Client Benefit:

Client becomes well informed of the options in the market and the broker receives feedback allowing them to become one with the client in working towards a harmonious work environment.

Success Factors

The following key areas represent what we believe are our distinct and unmatched qualifications for the representation of our clients and negotiation of lease and sale transactions.

Unparalleled Knowledge
Systematic Approach to collecting, organizing, and analyzing market data.
Accurate Information includes both in-house and database services.
Market Analysis provides snapshot based on current statistics.
TrendDiscovery allows us to investigate submarkets and make accurate predictions about where that market sector is headed.
Market Intelligence allows us to offer creative occupancy solutions.

Client Benefit:

Well informed decision process, adequate time to prepare, understand available options, create a strong negotiating posture for renewal, knowledge of alternative locations and cost benefits of relocation.

Strategic Negotiating Platform
Communicate Client’s Objectives to the market.
Tour Properties that provide strategic competition and satisfies client’s occupancy requirements.
Requesst for Proposal outlining objectives and critical negotiation points.
Demonstrate Market Knowledge to landlord by showing them current conditions and alternative spaces available in the market.
Posture for the best economic deal.
Proactive Negotiating Process by creating the structure of the deal rather than reacting to a landlords implied terms and proposals.

Client Benefit:

Important considerations are discussed and framed up front. This speeds the negotiation by understanding quickly whether the landlord will comply with our request. This shortens the negotiation time because critical business terms are negotiated prior to lease review.

Proven Methodology
Incorporate Client Goals and Objectives upfront to create synergy between client, broker and landlord.
Understand Financial Objectives and Restrictions and weigh alternatives in the market based on these factors.
Develop a Critical Date Time Line so all team members understand key dates that allow us to maintain control and in a strong negotiating posture.
Proactive Negotiating Platform allows the team to set the pace and lead the landlord to our desired result.
Leverage Market Conditions to evaluate specific sub sectors that may have opportunities such as sub-lease, condominium, building purchase options, joint ownership structures, naming rights, and other critically important client considerations.
Seek Opportunities to reduce occupancy cost such as municipality incentives, tax benefits and business development platforms.
Market Intelligence is the result of a well educated staff, informed organization, and knowledge of occupancy alternatives.

Client Benefit:

Unyielding advocacy of client’s interest and a proactive negotiating platform that yields best opportunities in the market.

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