Polaris Office Building
Columbus, OH

The 2 story office building (36,294 RSF Per Floor) situated on 8.42 Acres is clad in architectural precast, curtain wall and strip windows. The building features a one-story lobby with one elevator, a full height truck dock and an emergency generator with full building power backup. The first floor has an underground duct system for electrical and data cabling.

Parking: Parking ratio is 8 spaces per every 1,000 rentable square feet

Stairs: There are three (3) sets of access stair towers for access to second floor.

HVAC: The building HVAC system is a water source heat pump system with 245 tons of cooling.

Sprinklers: The building is fully sprinkled and design is based on .10 gpm over 1,500 sf.

Ceiling Height: Lobby ceiling height is 9’-6”, tenant ceilings are 8’-4”.

Water: 3” domestic and 6” fire water services are supplied from public mains.

Phone / Data: Two (2) 4” diameter telephone conduits are provided.

Site: The site is 8.42 acres.

Exterior Lighting: Parking lot lighting is sized to provide 0.5 fc minimum on all parking surfaces.

Roof: Consists of a Class A assembly with 0.45 mil EPDM membrane ballasted.

Blinds: 1” horizontal mini blinds provide sun control at all tenant windows.

Elevator: is rated at 2,500 pounds and is hydraulic.

Restrooms: The women’s restrooms consist of 12 toilets and 6 lavatories per floor. The men’s restrooms have one toilet, one urinal and one lavatory per floor.

Electrical service: the building consists of 1,500 amps (1,250 kw) at 480/277 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire cable.

Electrical Distribution Feeders:
- (1) 500 amp, 480/277 3 phase, (2) 75 kva transformers for 1st floor lighting and power. - (1) 300 amp, 480/277, 3 phase, (1) 112.5 kva transformer for the motor control center.
- (1) 500 amp 480,277, 3 phase, (1) 112.5 kva transformer, (1) 75-kva transformer for 2nd floor lighting and power.
- (1 ) 200 amp 480,277, 3 phase, (1) 112.5 kva transformer for 2nd floor computer room.

Backup diesel generator: 500 kw with 1,500 amp transfer switch. Maximum building demand is 450 amps and generator can power the entire building.

Polaris Office Building
Arlington Falls Office Park
88 East Broad Street
4930 Reed Road

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